FootNight vs EventBright

Abrupt updates, effect so many

As some have seen, The chosen ticketing links were broken and blocked for some FNI parties. This error has been corrected, but not without a debate, proof that no rules were broken. Ticketing hubs have updated their guidelines and are cleaning house. We unfortunately got caught in the wave and were blocked from use and some were deleted as a scheduled event, including this service notifying all of the verified party goers that there was a cancellation.

Moving forward with damage control, created by this knee jerk action aimed at FootNight and all, we will all be taking close care with ticket purchases or RSVP to scheduled FootNight Events. When using the link for FootNight Events, one will be required to log in to purchase/rsvp for an event.

Online worlds are changing and sometimes we all get caught up in the abrupt and aggressive wave of another site changing their procedures and calling them community guidelines. FootNight staff will always try to adhere to all updates we apologize if this change effected you personally, we look forward to seeing all of you at a future event.