Congratulations on Her Retirement

The one and only Mistress Jacqueline DuMonde has made the decision to retire from being the longest running hostess for FootNight. Jacqueline has run Orange County and San Diego California for over 10 years.

We as staff will miss her so much. However, the models that she has taught, invited with open arms and mentored will take her advise and run into the future knowing they were given wonderful guidance from a true Mistress.

FootNight patrons, do not worry. The new generation will do their best to hold the DuMonde Torch high and make the transition to Mistress DuMonde stepping down an smooth ride.

We all wish Mistress Jacqueline a wonderful retirement from FootNight and will wait for the day she comes to a party just to have fun. May all her dreams come true, two feet at a time.