Rules of Fun / How it works
What is the age requirement for Footnight events?
Footnight is an adult only event. Although some venues may provide alcohol, Footnight does not sell, serve or provide alcohol. However you may feel free to BYOB where permitted. The age requirement is 21 years of age where alcohol is provided, and 18 years of age or above where alcohol is not provided.
ID’s will be checked at the door upon arrival, so please make sure to bring your Drivers License or ID Card with you to the event.

I’m A Little Shy – How Can I Have The Most Fun At The Party?
This is a fun party where you can meet and enjoy the feet of ladies who truly love having their feet pampered, worshipped and adored… all night long 🙂 You might be either new to the foot parties, or a little shy to approach girls. But just remember, these ladies LOVE having you at their feet, and are waiting there HOPING that you will come up and ask them to play. Feel completely free to strike up a little friendly conversation with one of the girls that is standing around. Then jump in and enjoy what you love most! If there is a particular girl that you want to play with, and you see her standing and chatting with other girls or guys for a long period of time, do not be afraid to politely interrupt and ask her for a session when she breaks free. She wants her feet worshipped and would love to join you for some foot fun.

Can I Take A Lady To A Nearby Hotel For A Private Session During The Party?
No guests or models are to leave the party venue for private sessions in other locations during the course of the party. If anyone does so, they will not be allowed back into the party! We invite a certain number of girls to ensure the best possible girl to guy ratio. If girls are taken away from the party, it hurts the party. It is also not safe practice for the ladies.  

What is your cell phone policy?
No Cell Phones are to be used inside the club. If you need to take or make a call, please do so in the lobby or outside the club. How can you socialize if you are on your phone.

Can I bring a friend with me?
Please remember that only invited guests that are on the private guest list will be allowed into the party. No friends, escorts, or anyone else who has not registered or been officially invited by the party host(s) personally will be allowed into the party.

Will our names or personal information be given out?
Never! Any information obtained when you sign up or attend the club is kept strictly private and confidential. We will never contact you by mail or phone. The only info we keep on file is your email address so that we may send you info on parties and events.

Is this a party with dancing, entertainment and festivities?
Although we refer to Footnight as a “foot party”, it is not really a party with dancing, partying, festivities and entertainment as one would normally imagine a “party” to be. Although we have no problem with people dancing if they wish to (and absolutely encourage it!), Footnight is an evening where ladies and gentlemen with a preference for feet are able to indulge in and enjoy their favorite foot fetish activities such as foot worship, trampling, tickling, foot smothering, foot massage, toe-sucking, foot domination, foot smelling etc. It is a very private, discreet, low-key event, where foot lovers can come to fulfill their private foot fetish fantasies in a safe, comfortable, non-threatening environment.

Can I just show up at the door the night of the party?
No, only people on the guest list will be allowed into the party. You will need to register for the particular party you are interested in. Once you have registered, you will immediately receive a personal confirmation/invitation with all the details of the event.  

What time does the party start? The parties vary, depending on location and venue. Time posted, is when the doors open. There will be a “last call” 10 min before closing, so everyone may get their final session of the evening. Approved models are to arrive 10 minutes before doors open, staying the duration of the event. Marketing approved models, means the patrons are expecting those specific models to be in attendance the full time.  

May I dress casually to the party, or is there a specific dress code? We want you to be comfortable. So feel free to dress casually. If you usually wear fetish clothing to the parties, please wear a jacket or coat until you are inside the club. Please do not come sloppily dressed. No cut-offs or sweats.  

Will I be able to get food and drinks at the party? We will have snacks, soft drinks and water available and depending on the event you’re attending will also provide food. Most Footnights are BYOB, however this depends on the city or state regulations for each individual event. No alcohol will be provided.

How safe and secure is the party?
There is always security personnel provided to ensure your safety and well-being. The party host will also be available at all times if you need anything. Your security, safety and comfort is a personal priority of ours, so please rest assured that you will be well protected. Also, please also do not hesitate to ask for an escort to and from your vehicle.  

I am a female coming to the party. Can I bring an escort with me? We have no problem with you bringing personal slaves, submissives or friends who are into the foot fetish “scene”. However there are two important guidelines in this regard: All gentlemen will need to be on the guest list to be admitted into the party. All gentlemen will be asked for an admission tribute at the door on arrival.  

How big is the venue? Will I have enough room to play at the party? The venues are always selected to provide adequate play space for the number of people expected at the parties. You’ll no doubt find every venue very classy, safe, comfortable and euphoric.  

What is the cost of admission for the parties? We try to keep our party admission consistent and affordable so that you are not left short of cash for when you come to the parties for in the first place… footplay with the ladies. The admission for gentlemen is on average $65. Each venue may vary. Some venues are prepay online and no admission fees will be accepted at the door.
We’re sure you’ll agree that this is extremely inexpensive considering that you get the opportunity to meet and enjoy the feet of up to 70 beautiful, handpicked ladies for 5 hours all in the same night, under the same roof…. as well as the fact that you usually have to pay anywhere from $150 to $400 PER HOUR for a private session with just one lady outside of the Footnights.  

How much do I give the ladies? There is a customary $20 donation for every 10 minutes of foot interaction. However, if you have a special rapport with a particular girl, feel free to give her an additional tribute if you like. Some of the Footnight regions also now include our new Footnight “5-4-2™” Mini Foot-Fix Sessions”($5 for 2 mins)  

Do the ladies approach me, or do I ask them to worship their feet? Usually the guests approach the ladies. There is certainly no need to be nervous about going up to a lady and speaking to her. Every girl that comes to the parties are there for the same reason as you are there… foot fetish fun!! They all love having their feet worshipped, and most of them are always more than happy to share your personal foot fantasies with you. Whether you enjoy sensual foot worship, tickling, trampling, face-standing, or foot smelling, the girls would love to indulge in any of these activities with you. You will never be judged at the parties. This is your personal haven to live and experience your feet dreams and fantasies!  

Are sexual activities allowed at the parties? Sorry, but no. Offering, agreeing to, or participating in sexual activities or acts of prostitution or solicitation is strictly forbidden while in attendance at the party. This is strictly a fun foot fetish party arranged for the enjoyment of those people interested in foot fetish activities. Please understand that these rules are to protect all of us from potential legal problems. FootNight has developed an excellent reputation for hosting the safest, cleanest, most fun foot parties. The last thing we want to do is soil the credibility we’ve worked so hard to attain… or encourage activities that might put our guests, ladies, the venues and FootNight at risk.   Anyone found soliciting will be asked to leave and may be removed from the Footnight list for future parties. This includs models as well.

Can I bring a camera and take pictures at the party? This is a very “touchy” subject with a lot of people at the party. Respect for our guests privacy and total discretion is our #1 concern – over and above anything else. For these reasons we have a NO-CAMERA policy unless expressed authorization has been provided by the party host personally.
If you would like a picture as a souvenir with a particular lady, please feel free to approach the organizer of the event and we will try to accommodate you.

I host my own foot parties… Can I give out my card and promote my parties at the FootNights? NO.. absolutely not! We have no problem with you networking with other people in the industry. However, if you are a party organizer putting on similar events, soliciting models and guests for your own parties is strictly forbidden. Please respect out parties as we would respect yours. If we find out that you are soliciting our guests and/or ladies, you will immediately be asked to leave the property and will be banned from all future events.  

Will I be able to arrange private sessions for before or after the party? Absolutely. We understand that some of you have already arranged privates for after the party, but if not, you can arrange for a private the next day or whenever.  

How many girls will be at the party? We have more than 3,000 beautiful ladies in our model database. The ladies are usually hand-picked according to the theme of the party. Depending on the geographical location, we usually choose 15 to 65 of the best quality girls for the party, depending on the size of the party.  

Hygiene is very important to me. Will the girls clean their feet after each session? Hygiene is a major priority at the parties. The ladies’ feet will be cleaned after each and every session with Witch Hazel, an anti-bacterial cleanser. The cleanser dries very quickly, and is unscented and tasteless, so the ladies’ feet will retain their natural fragrance and flavor:) and will be perfectly safe for you.  

Will my pictures ever be taken at the party? Absolutely Not! We have a no-camera policy at all events. However, if you would like to model for pictures for our member-based foot party site, you can sign a models release and we’ll consider including you in the shoot.  

Where do you do your Footnight parties? There are Footnight parties across the United States and abroad. Go here to see our present locations  

How may I be a Footnight model? You need to register at the Models Application page at and include shots of your face, full body, and tops and bottoms of your feet. We will review them and contact you.  

Is there a way for me to talk online to the Footnight ladies other guests? No, though many of our models are on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Fetlife. Twitter – @Footnight Instagram – @RealFootnight Snapchat – footnightdotcom  

This is my first Footnight. What should I expect? Nothing is ever expected from you. Our guests range from first timers to long time attendees. Feel free to move at your own pace in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. We are all here to have a great time enjoying feet in a comfortable, no pressure environment. The girls are all friendly, warm and extremely receptive to being approached about sharing some foot fun with them. That’s what they are there for. In fact they are hoping for you to ask them if you can worship and enjoy their feet. So don’t be shy or nervous. Have fun and enjoy this great opportunity for you to fulfill your foot fetish dreams and fantasies!