Foot Lovers and Foot Models

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Hosts of events across the USA are ready to hold your seat with an RSVP, every event has a unique link. Read the posts and you will see the benefits available to you.

Random question? Send it to us. The ONLY stupid question is the one that was not asked. If FNI may not answer a specific question, we will be sure to have the specific host answer it for you. Every state, city and county are different, but you will receive a prompt response.

MODELS…. we are always looking for models. Who doesn’t want to bring a friend to a gathering where besties may be spoiled rotten with the most epic foot massages in the world? Each model MUST fill out a model application on the site. The reason is for organization, updates and marketing for specific parties.

FOOT LOVERS: We DO want to hear your ideas, comments and concerns. We may not be able to please everyone, but we will always try. Work with us so we may work with you.