SexiRavenRae’s Hot Soiled Socks and Dirty Soles & Toes

Our photographer grabbed RavenRae for a shoot after an extended dirty foot worship session. She arrived at the Footnight with her stinky socks that she wears for ice hockey and after smothering the face of a lucky foot friend with her stinky socks, she went outside and got her feet filthy dirty for him. She then had him smell, worship and lick her dirty feet for almost an hour!

Here you’ll see what her feet looked like after the session was over. She starts off with her stinky red socks, then pushes her feet up close to you so you can see the remnants of dirt on her soles, toes and toenails. This lady adores having her feet worshiped.. especially when they are stinky and dirty.. a True Foot Goddess!

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