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Footnight Toronto Foot Party

Join Us at the next Footnight Toronto Foot Party!


The Footnight Castle



The Footnight Castle



110% Privacy

3x's the size!!

Over 30 Private Rooms!

New VIP Lounge!

No Waiting!

Footnight Toronto

These past Foot Parties have been huge successes that's why it's very important that you sign up to reserve your spot so you won't be left out in the dark.

Ladies be prepared to be dressed in costume and gentlemen your also more the welcome to dress in costume as well. Remember costumes are no required to attend our events.

Footnight Toronto is the foot guys night out where every 2 months we you can enjoy your favorite foot fantasy and shyness left at the doors. It’s also the only place where you’ll find 10 out of 10 stunning models that love having their awesome feet worship by foot lover like us.

Footnight Toronto

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Come and experience what others only dream and fantasize about at our World Famous Footnight foot worship parties. These GORGEOUS ladies come from many different professions from, dancers, actresses, showgirls, Internet celebs, go-go dancers, secretaries, promo models, college gals, pro dominants, the naughty girls next door ….and the list goes on and on... all there for you to worship their feet!!

To add the cherry on the cake we provide the perfect venue that’s custom made for a heavenly foot party. This upscale club lounge will provide you with Intimate Privacy, Safe, non-threatening, luxurious private environment, huge foot play areas, trample cage area, big screen T.V. with foot fetish movies playing, and a bar to serve all our valued foot loving guests. Be sure to join in on the fun at the next Toronto Footnight.

Footnight Toronto provides without a doubt the hottest groups of foot models ever seen at a Footnight foot party!! You’ll get to meet dozens of local beauties and enjoy private sessions for just $20 in a comfortable, high-class environment, it’s a dream come true!

Footnight Castle

Join us at Footnight Toronto's NEW Party Playground... The Footnight Castle!

Footnight Castle Toronto


Hey J,
i said i was gonna write a review so here it is.

Let me start by saying i'm no newcomer to the footnight foot parties and that i've been to parties all over but the night in toronto was one i'll never forget!!
When i walked in i was immediately greeted by the host J and shown around the place. I was amazed! This place looked as if they were gonna shoot a movie, IT WAS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Not only was it huge but there were a ton of play areas . A full bar with one of the coolest bartenders i've ever met.
Then came the girls....gorgeous beautiful sexy just doesn't sum it up I guess wow speechless and mesmerizing would help do them justice. If i was to name names i'd need about 2 more pages to cover it. There were alot of girls and all of them were very friendly. They were girls that you could really talk to and joke with not stuck up or anything. I was in heaven.
Every kind of feet you could want high arch smelly feet clean feet dirty feet .Like i said before i've been going to parties since 05 and i was blown completely away.
If i were to tell everything that i experienced that night it would be a best seller. I've never seen a host care so much about the people that he'd bend over backwards for you. Beautiful women, amazing setting, and perfect host what else could and foot fetishist ask for.
Thank you again J

Phil from FL.

Hello again,

Just wanted to pass along a quick note saying how impressed I was with last night. Everything from the staff, to the service, to the facility, was absolutely top notch, and I'd like to say thanks for an excellent evening. Of course, I can't go without mentioning the high quality of women you had. Every session I had was unique in its own way, but I was most impressed with the down-to-earth nature of the girls that were present. Good conversation, great vibes, and beautiful feet. This was my first experience, as I mentioned, doing anything like this and you're more than likely to see me at the next event.

Finally, if there was one girl who specifically stood out for me (and correct me if I have this name or the spelling wrong), it was Erica. Whether she was just damn good at her job or whether we both enjoyed ourselves was I think irrelevant. I can tell we both appreciated each other's company for 30 minutes (hell, I didn't even put my lips on her feet! Just rubbed away, lost in conversation).
Hey, I'd go as far as 100% guaranteeing I wouldn't miss another Toronto foot night in the future.

Anyways, all the best, thanks again to everyone who made that happen, and we'll hopefully see you next time.


I have to write and thank you for an amazing time and incredible venue at the Toronto Foot party. The hosts and the girls were all incredibly friendly and I had the best time. I was able to enjoy the company of Icys and Kayla who are both top shelf girls. Keep up the great work for us foot fans and I can't wait for the next TO. party.

Thanks Again
~ R


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