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Mark your calendars now for the most thrilling, highly anticipated Footnight™ event of the year..

2019 is going to be a great year for Footnight friends, fans and models!
It's our 17th year of the best of the best foot parties on the Globe and we're about to kick off the New Year with a celebration of 2018 and a thrilling start to 2019!

The time has come once again for the most electrifying & highly anticipated Footnight of the Year...

2.. 1... Blast Off!

The 2019 Footnight New Year's Foot Bash
& Annual Awards Presentations!

JANUARY 17, 2019
Los Angeles, CA

Come indulge with us at Footnight's biggest night of the year at our HUGE NEW SEXY LOS ANGELES PRIVATE CLUB!

**BRAND NEW 12,000 sq/ft VENUE**
Adjacent Gated Parking lot!

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Prepaid Earlybirds 7.00pm - 1.00am
Standard Registrants 8.00pm - 1.00am
VIP Experience Registrants - 6.30pm - 1.00am

*Military, Law Enforcement and First Responder Discounts*

Full details provided to registered guests.
Locked Door Event - Safe, Private & Discreet


Reserve your ticket NOW and secure your entry to the most thrilling, highly anticipated Footnight event of the year!

Reserve your ticket NOW and secure your entry to the most thrilling, highly anticipated Footnight event of the year!


7.00pm - Models arrive for photos on red carpet
8.00pm - 10.00pm - Mix, Mingle & Play (Prepaid registrants 7pm - 10pm)
10.00pm - 10.30pm (30 min) - Awards Presentations
10.30pm - 1.00am - Mix, Mingle & Play

Super fun and lively party vibe with LIVE DJ petDJ .. dance, play, indulge!



BYOB (refreshments and mixers available at the bar)
Delicious free snacks and food
Huge 12,000 sq.ft - 2 level space
Lots of play areas-More privacy being added
Huge dance floor
Outside patio smoking area
Great sounds and lighting

More Details provided to registered guests.
Locked Door Event - Safe, Private & Discreet

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Reserve your ticket NOW and secure your entry to the most thrilling, highly anticipated Footnight event of the year! 

100% Safe, Private & Discreet.
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We got some really cool totally unsolicited testimonials from the recent March 8th LA Footnight! Thanks so much!

Jewell MarceauHi Steve!

Just wanted to thank you for having me at your foot party last night and listing me on the website as a featured special guest.

I was busy from the time I walked in the door at 7:30pm. :)

I've been to only a few of your parties in the past. One in the early 2000's at a small house in the valley and one in long Beach.

I'm not a stay up late kind of person, but I would enjoy being invited back and attending your party again.

Also many people acknowledged me for my work in the foot fetish genre and the longevity I've retained.

I really thought people would have forgotten my work.

Being recognized and appreciated for my 22 years of fetish modeling, felt pretty damn good.


Hope your doing great! Haven't seen you in years!!

Best wishes always.
Love, Jewell


Miss Mya


I had so much fun last night reconnecting with of friends and making new ones. Thank you from the bottom of my soles for letting me be a part of the phenomenon that is Footnight.

Much love,
Miss Mya





I purchased a VIP ticket for last night LA venue, my purchase was worth every penny and some. I had my own area and played for 3 hours. Just wanted to let you know I am a huge fan of the VIP tickets and having my own area.

In the future, I would like to purchase the same tickets from now on please for the LA, OC and IE venues.

Thank you

Hope you are recovering well.
If you ever need anything please feel free to reach out or call


And a special testimonial from our own fun, funny and charismatic "Foot Whisperer" Mr T!

Hello, my long lost foot family!

This is Mr. T. your "FOOT WHISPERER"

I want to be here to lead the way to help all the new people and people who need to have more of an idea of how the best, the biggest, most classy, largest amount of models biggest diversity amazing foot party truly flow.

How are your fantasies coming? If you are already coming to the FOOTNIGHT parties then your fantasies are now a reality. New people, this last party on 3-8-18 was amazing!

Beautiful models were in full form and ready to use there feet to fulfill fantasies!! first of all, there was MISS FOOTNIGHT 2018 ASIA PEREZ!!! Asia is always A popular model at the parties, she is so easy to talk to, You can tell her all about your foot dreams.

she is the type to truly listen and understands the love of feet because she loves to have her feet loved. Asia has the softest soles!!! You put them on your face and they just slide down your face like honey, the smooth silky movement of her feet and like honey, just as sweet.

Another thing I really like about Asia is how ticklish her feet are! OMG! her laugh will make you laugh and also excite you to see this little sexy princess scream like A giant bird!!

If you rub her soles or lick her arches she coos like a dove. If you truly a foot person you will be blown away by the beauty and sexiness of Asia Perez!

There's a reason why she won miss FOOTNIGHT 2018

I must say that you can go to any foot party in the world!!! yea I said world!!! And I bet you will never find a party with A cook as good as ours!!!, Yes we have catering and this guy is amazing! He's CHEF PAT At this party he had roasted chicken with smoke collard greens, pasta was so good it would make you slap your mama! All parties are BYOB, You have to be over 21 There was fresh garlic bread Yum.

I think I ate a loaf!! this beautiful model Her name is Sharon, she fed me garlic bread with her feet!! Dam!!! that was so tasty, of course, I had to lick up all the butter and seasonings off her feet and let me tell you......

I like garlic bread but I LOVE GARLIC TOES!!!!!!!!! Like I said, fantasies my friend, fantasies!

The biggest part of the party was Steve Savage, our "GRAND PUBA" talked an Icon to come and share her feet with us....JEWEL MARCEAU I've known her for years and years because I'm a perv. and I love porn and she is one of the biggest you can get but don't get it twisted she did a lot of fetishes, bondage, S&M and lesbian videos, I love all her scenes..

I will not tell you how long I been a fan watching her but I use to tape all her videos on VHS and take out all her scenes, tape them to another VHS so I can just have Jewel. She is so sexy, that little voice

she always acted like a princess, that just was always caught in a sexual moment, she always looks innocent and sweet, her feet are amazing. Feet were not shot as much back then but she finds a way for her feet to be showcased. She would point her toes or just do something with her feet that would drive a footman crazy!

she is highly ticklish and did a lot of toe play with women. Things like that were few and hard to come by at that time. Jewel was always A guarantee for a good night at home. She was what I call a "double feature" because her feet are so sexy that you can finish twice in one movie!!

My years in the past was never dry! LOL She always came through for me. I never met her so when I found out she was coming to the party I was excited. I was excited to see her from afar because I didn't want to meet her....why? well.. Have you ever had a favorite actor or entertainer or model that you was a fan of? And for years followed them, buy their products and adored them and one day you meet them and all your dreams crash!!!!

They may not look like you use to see them, or they let themselves go, or worst, they would have a terrible personality and they just blow you off!! so all the years of being a loyal fan goes down the drain.

I didn't want to have that experience so I rather not meet her up close and just see her from a distance. That all came to a stop when my beloved brother Ray after I told him how much I was a fan of hers told Jewel, most stars that big would tell Ray "aw that's nice, tell him thank you" and that would be the end of it but nooooooooooo Jewel told him Jewel told him she wanted to meet me and Mr "busybody" Ray went and got her at the end of the night and brought her right to me.

When it comes to famous women, No woman is as beautiful as, how kind she is to someone in her greatness! Jewel came and gave me a hug, I stood there like I had a speech impediment and lost all control of my motor skills! but I'm Mr. T the FOOT WHISPERER so I calm down with just a little drool! She was so down to earth and sweet, WITH THE SAME VOICE and WITH THE SAME BODY and most of all WITH THE SAME SEXY FEET!!!!!OMG her feet look like there were a size 3 and her arch was so high I could slide my fist under her arch. We talk and she told me her journey from back then to right now and it is a great inspiring story that I hope Steve and Jewel will let me interview her and share that story here for all you who know of her, and all you who wish you did.

That was a wonderful experience meeting someone of your dreams and my reality is the dream, my reality is the fantasies of her, my reality is meeting the real, beautiful, strong, sweet, elegant JEWEL MARCEAU

If you leave this page knowing anything please know that FOOTNIGHT.COM MAKE DREAMS COME TRUE! Foot dreams that is.......






Here is a cool testimonial from one of the Footfriends who was there..

Dear Steve and fellow organizers,

First of all thank you for such an incredible and chill party atmosphere, I had a blast! HAPPY 13th ANNIVERSARY!!

So many friendly women and amazing heels, flipflops, sandals, yet I was jittery with nervousness. This was my first Footnight™ ever, and the most lavish foot fun experience I could have ever imagined. Beer in hand, I struck up the courage to approach my first footgirl, Diamond, who had awesome tattoos and snakeskin kneehigh heels which were a pleasure to unzip. I massaged and kissed her toes which helped me relax as we drank and chatted, and it felt so natural and not awkward. She even introduced me to her friend later, something that has never happened at any bar or party for me, im usually the shy quiet guy drinking alone.

My next footgirl Dani was a FN first timer too, we had a great chat about playing music and traveling, and her fresh, clean, lovely long toes with black glitter were an absolute delight to kiss and taste. So much so, 30mins passed by in a blink, mmm, heaven.

Several beers in (byob rules!) I boldly approached the most gorgeous British redhead, Queen Juliet! She really rocked my world!! We enjoyed learning about each other, it wasnt just cold business. She hadn't been active at FN in some years but came back tonight, and she encouraged me to explore my fantasies and let my tongue lead the way. It was so relaxing and comforting to caress her feet and talk, something I always dreamed about. I thoroughly enjoyed pampering them for nearly an hour. Absolute heaven!!!!!

What surprised me most is how truly fun and personable the ladies all were, which is great when you're used to be snubbed often by women, and that they WANT you to massage their amazing feet. I am still glowing days after this experience, it woke me up to a whole new level of confidence and enjoyment, for something I thought I would have to hide forever. I can't thank you enough Steve and co., for making such a cool and relaxed atmosphere for us to hang out and have fun without any pressure or weirdness, totally the opposite of a typical gentleman's club. I definitely want to come back, and will try to get my bashful friends to not flake next time!



More testimonials..



3 Tier bed at LA Venue



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The party was such a blast ! The energy there fun, comfortable, and very inviting! I loved everything about it and I especially loved being able to create a more intimate connection and have longer sessions with the fellas! It was awesome! You did a fantastic job Steve! Can't wait for more to come.
Love you!!!!

Hi Steve!

Thanks again for inviting me to co-host the first annual UFP! I'm so glad I got to take part in something that is sure to be a success for many more years to come.

First of all I'd love to say I adored the house. Admittedly, Jolene and I were a little overwhelmed by it at first, but got over that quickly. My favorite place in the world is House on the Rock in Spring Green, Wisconsin. I talked to the owner of the house and asked him if he'd heard of it and we had a nice little chat. His house reminds me of the House on the Rock on a smaller scale, and I think you should definitely hold your parties each year at that location, I loved it!

I enjoyed spending time with the guys, who all seemed really cool. It was a comfortable atmosphere and I feel like there wasn't enough time to meet with everyone. Perhaps in the future the time should be longer or broken up into a two day festival or something, so there is more time to enjoy each other. :)

Hope you had fun, too! See you at the Vegas Footnight™! xoxo


Firstly, thank you for putting this together, the venue was quirky and awesome and the ladies cohosting were all utterly fantastic!
I loved the ratio and the way we were not under time constraints and could really connect with the ladies and enjoy our time together. I'm definitely a fan and it was worth the hours of driving to get there!

Thank you again!
- Chris

Dear Steve,

I LOVED the party! It was really a great idea. In the beginning I was a little sad that my other girl friends I usually go with, Vanessa and Sin Fisted, weren't able to go to this, and was a little worried that there wouldn't be enough girls, but once I got there, I realized that it was the perfect ratio of girls to guys. The place was amazing! It felt much more like a party atmosphere than the usual Footnight™. It was great to be able to do session with guys and not have to look at the clock and give them the "10 minutes up" message. And they seemed to really like it too because they could do the session for as long as they wanted without the pressure of "how much am I spending?" "how much do I have left?".
Most guys that I asked to do a session said yes immediately instead of sometimes hearing "oh I'm waiting for someone" All of the guys I talked to and asked what they thought said they were loving it.
None seemed worried at all about how much they payed for such an interesting event and it totally took the pressure off of worrying "how much will I make tonight?"

I hope you do more of these parties in the future and I really hope that I am invited back to attend. I know there will be tons of girls wanting to be a part of this. Feel free to use any parts of my testimonial for the event. And thanks again for letting me attend this great new foot event. Have a wonderful weekend.

Noir Halo

Hi Steve,
Event was fun, you are absolutly right, from beginning little awkward, but nothing what little BYOB can't fix:) Since I didn't bring any, was nice when gentlemen's actually offered me one and we break the wall of awkwardness:) I did had few different heels to wear but end up in my flip flops for rest of the night. Interesting corners and art stuff, I had lots off laugh of it. Jacuzzi was great, looked clean as well. Clean is always good!;)
Guys were respectful and NO meant NO.
All good;)) I am in for next time;) I would even think place can hold more people, of course keep it still exclusive;)) more feet, more kisses more fun;)

Sincerely Miss Bon

Had so much fun that four hours was just not enough. Jasmine, Sabina Bon I like the most and many others. The facility was very unique in it self. I like the jungle room upstairs. Lots of privacy. Like the food very filling.Can't wait for another one.
-Christopher L

Hey Steve,

As I walked around the venue I asked a few of the guys what they thought of the "anything goes / all out in the open" change & many of them liked it for several obvious reasons including the opportunity to sample many different feet in different locations of the property. I only heard 1 guy say to Renée that he liked the old way of doing things because they had more privacy to get a foot shoved in his mouth, lol. I also only heard one complaint about not having paper towels & witch hazel on the roof, so I took two spray bottles & two rolls of paper towels to the roof. The thing everybody raved about unanimously was the food & sangria plus one of the girls even said its the best food she ever had at a Footnight™!
I think if you do "UFP" exclusively for the Los Angeles region it would be good.
Thanks again for everything bro.
We'll see you in Las Vegas on June 27th!


The party was awesome Steve, it was the best Footnight™ so far. But in all honesty that is how foot parties should be. The women should be there because they like having their feet worshiped by guys that want to pay attention to there feet. In that aspect we both get something out of it, so money should never have to exchange hands. But then again we don't live in a perfect world, so what are you gonna do? lol Either way, I can't wait until the next one of that nature. I hope the pictures come out well also, next time we will take a ton more.

I had a great time in a fun, safe, visually stimulating atmosphere. All the women were model quality and all the men I experienced were classy, respectful, and enjoyable to talk with.
Everyone treated one another as friends, good vibes all around!

~ Lexa Vonn

A private party where the cut-throat "money making" concept is checked at the door when they check your name off the list.

When the timed sessions are taken off the table the fun begins. I played with people that were experienced and those that were not. The fact that there was no time limit make the inhibitions melt away and the true love of foot worship come through. It was an amazing feeling!!! I have such a personal love for foot worship and being able to have a one-on-one without looking at the clock, being in a session that can progress to any level is just the best treat for me.

The care that was taken with the food, the assistance from all those who were there as part of the "party crew" was so much fun and even they love the worship as well so ......what can I say, I will go to every one that I am lucky enough to be invited to.

Thank you so much to all the Footnight™ coordinators, your hard work paid off and I honestly cannot say enough......THANK YOU!!!!

~ Ms. Joclyn Stone

Hi Steve,

Thx for coordinating such a beautiful event. It was so lovely to sit back and relax in the moment with the men. My favorite part was that we all enjoyed each others company and playing together was authentic. The fact that we didn't have to worry about time or exchanging of $ made it my favorite party yet. I look forward to many more evenings in this format.

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

~ Susan

Hey Steve..

I had a great time at the party.. the ladies were terrific and you did a masterful job with your selections- it couldn't have been easy for you!
My feedback is for the most part extremely positive:
1. The owner of the home was extremely hospitable- super friendly and helpful as were the ladies who were assisting him. One of the girls offered to give me a tour of the facility, showing me all of the different areas throughout the house. There were plenty of comfortable play spaces and the funkiness of the place lent itself very well with the party.
2. the ladies were all so much fun and they all seemed to have a great attitude,
For the first 3 hours I indulged in several wonderful prolonged, HOT sessions with many of my favorites (Jolene, Rexi, Tyler, Renee just to name some).
Unfortunately, I was unable to session with several of the other ladies due to bad timing, but that's the way it goes.
3. the food and beverages were great also. Outstanding paella!

To sum up, the party was a lot of fun; I had a great time.



Hi Steve.

I didn't have the chance to tell you in person last night what a fantastic evening
I had...the best party ever!!
An incredible array of beautiful, sexy, friendly and sweet ladies, and ALL of my
special favorites were there.
The entire evening (from 7:00 pm until my departure at 12:30 am) was for me,
a whirling dervish of gorgeous girls whose sexy feet and beautiful legs were all
over my face and hands.
I might have lost count, but I believe I had no fewer than 6 three-way sessions with
some of my favorites, ALL of whom genuinely enjoyed each other's company as well as mine.
You continue to outdo yourself Steve; thanks again for a wonderful, special evening!


Your good friend,

Thank YOU for a truly FANTASTIC evening Steve!! It was great to see you
and Ray again and I can't wait to see you both at your anniversary party!
Please, please, PLEASE save me some cake to play with as messy play is
truly one of my greatest joys in life! :D

Can I RSVP now? *wink*


Wow, there some very beutiful girls with great feet and great faces and everything.
The set up was great. The set up gets better and better everytime you do it.
I know you go through a lot of expenses with these parties and you go through a lot work,
but it's worth it.

Thanks for doing a great job. I hope you have another party with this quality
of girls soon. If I can do one next month let me know.


Especially stunning was that 18 year old "redhead" from Scotland, Skin
Wow. Sensational legs! I was stunned when she raised them up in the air.

Way too much fun last night Steve...Thank You so much for all the effort.
I always have a great time at your parties.
~Michael M

It was great time as always ...
I have been to parties for five years, but yesterday was awesome. Thanks!



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